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 As a reputable lingerie manufacturer, we excel in supporting businesses of all sizes to fulfill their lingerie needs. Whether you're a lingerie wholesaler, a brand owner, or a drop shipper, our wide-ranging service are crafted with your needs in mind.

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Quickly Learn About Custom Packaging

Want to customize your own packaging but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t matter. The following are the common contents, materials and techniques in clothing brand customization.

Common forms of lingerie carton packaging
Common paper materials
Traditional plastic packaging
Common Materials for bag
Common processes

1. If you are a Dropshipper, it is recommended to create packaging for your brand in the form of packaging bags in the early stages. Because although the packaging box can make your packaging look more advanced, the shipping cost may be more than 5 times the normal shipping cost!

2. If your product will be sold in Europe or your brand pays attention to environmental protection, you can choose paper packaging or use biodegradable materials such as PLA.

3. We support complete brand customization services. You can come up with any ideas you have, although they may not be included in the above content.

4. We provide 3 months of free storage service for each batch of packaging, and can apply the packaging to your future orders at your request for free. However, if it exceeds 3 months, we will charge a monthly storage fee of US$30 until a batch of packaging is used up.

5. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us: Email: Or Whatsapp: +86 17374185340.

6. If you need more details, please read this blog: Understanding Lingerie Packaging: Forms, Materials, and Processes.

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Don't limit your imagination. Please give us your vision, and our professional designers and production team will turn it into a tangible product within a week. Experience the Greta Sexy Lingerie difference today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your need is our pursuit!

Yes, we offer a full dropshipping lingerie service. You can learn more about it on this page: Dropshipping Lingerie Service.

Yes, we have many best-selling models and we update them every week, you can find out about our newest model on this page: New Arrival. If you want to know about our wholesale service, welcome to visit: wholesale lingerie service.

Absolutely. We provide inventory service and keep your customization for future orders at no extra charge to you. For example, if you customize 100 labels, you can use them in your order until you run out. Welcome to our Dropshipping Lingerie Sercive.

We celebrate uniqueness and cater to unconventional customization requests. You can contact us via this page or send your details to:

Pricing will vary due to different customization requirements. Prices listed are base prices - intricate designs or unique materials may incur additional charges. For an accurate quotation, please feel free to contact us.

We provide samples for quality inspection and potential improvement. Customized models, colors and sizes are subject to a $100 sample fee, which is refundable after an official order is placed.

There is a one-time fee for custom care labels, hang tags, logos, etc. Custom colors, sizes or models require a 50% prepayment. If the order is larger, prepayment can reduce the charge.

The production lead time is usually 1-3 weeks, depending on the order quantity. We will confirm this before you pay.

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Yes, we can label for free. Please contact us in advance and send the labels.

We will ask you to provide a brand certificate and a production authorization letter to confirm brand ownership and ensure smooth customs clearance. Next, we need your detailed customization requirements.

We maintain a strict confidentiality policy. If required, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement before the project begins.

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